Thursday, August 27, 2009


Oh my goodness, you're going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!

Can you BELIEVE that! And I'll vouch for the quality...the prints I had done were GORGEOUS!!! Check it will not want to miss this sale!

In DPD news.....

We have two wonderful new CT Members and will have a year packed with fantastic Guest CT Members as well!

We'd like to welcome Ruth who also goes by Ruth811 or graciesmommy, and Amy aka kcsimpsons99. We're so excited to have these ladies on the team, and look forward to their beautiful art!

Take advantage of the fabulous Scrapping Simply sale TODAY!!! You will not see a better deal!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Find some Bliss, a Giveaway, a Contest, and MORE!

Bliss has finally made is way into the store! Bliss and More Bliss were
inspired by the Joseph Campbell quote, which reads,

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls."

Bliss has been a labor of love. Happy colors and detailed elements co-exist in a collection that will be an inspired choice for many uses, both f
or layouts and hybrid projects. Bliss and More Bliss can be found at, and are on sale!

You'll also want to head on over to Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine on September 1st, where another piece of the Bliss Series will be featured as the Download of the Month along with some coordinating Quickpages...yep, you can download them for FREE!

Do you like free stuff? Do you want to WIN?
At Dancing Princess Desig
ns, we strive to bring you excellence
in imagination and quality. It stands
to reason that you'd want to
preserve those memories on paper, at t
he best quality possible. But printing your pages can be a financial burden, especially at some of the prices listed out there for a 12x12 print.
What to do?

I recently came across this fantastic site called Scrapping Simply. I was suitably impressed by the pricing list....(you can check it out by clicking the graphic).

WOW, I thought....those are amazing prices! But are their prints any good? Well, you know I had to find out! I had five 12x12 prints made.....again WOW! They were true to the color on my monitor, they were GORGEOUS, they were PERFECT! And at $1.99 for a 12x12 print! (NO that is NOT a typo!) Well, I HAD to spread the word! Chari, over at Scrapping Simply has given me a $25 gift certificate to Scrapping Simply to give away, so you can try them out yourself! There are several ways you can enter: (for all of these, you need to either leave the link in a comment on my blog, or email me a link at contact AT dancingprincessdesigns DOT com) The more things you do, the more entries you'll have!
*Blog about the giveaway
*Put it on your Facebook Wall

*Become a Dancing Princess Designs Fan on Facebook

*Tweet about it
*Any purchase in my store (Aug. 25-31, 2009) automatically qualifies for an entry.
*Sign up for the DPD Newsletter

*Leave a comment on MY blog telling me which of my kits you like the best
*Attend the Scrap N' Chat at on Wednesday, Aug. 26th, 12 noon EST
*I will consider ALL other creative attempts to get the word out about this amazing site! (email me and tell me what you did!) Winner will be selected by the Custom Random Number Generator on Monday, August 31, 2009 at midnight, and announced on Tuesday September 1st.

Tomorrow is the Scrap N Chat at GDS...all participants get a posting bonus, and are entered to win a $5.00 gift certificate.

Also, coming up on the 2nd of September is the Fabulous Supreme Team VIII Contest at! Masses of creative minds will compete for one of 12 positions on this elite team, narrowed down through 4 weeks of competition. Do you have what it takes? Each round gets a free kit provided by one of the designers at the site (including me!) so what do you have to lose? Sign up HERE! YOU could be on the next Supreme Team!

Last but not least, I want to leave you with a little bit of the form of a FREEBIE!

Download HERE
Link will only be good for 72 hours.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Speed Scrap Tomorrow!!

Speed Scrap tomorrow at GDS in the forum at 9 pm EST!
Get your fix...(I know I will!!)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tips & Tricks from the Trenches by Liz

Hey Happy Scrappers! I have a treat for you today!
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Tips and Tricks from the Trenches

Hi There Scrappers!
Liz (elenasworld) here.

If you are like me, then your scrapping skills exceed your photography skills.
No matter how much my hubby tries to teach me about aperture, shutter speed, and white balance, well, I just want to take some photos. It does irk me that he can take a dozen photos and have 10 great ones, but I compensate for my lack of skills using Photoshop and my scrapping skills.

I would like to share with you a few of my favorite tricks I have learned along the way in my scrapping journey. Photographers might shutter – oops, shudder (lol), but they work for me and free up my time to work on my scrapping. (I will start off by saying that I use PhotoShop, but some of these tips may translate easily into other scrapping programs)


I learned this tip early on from Misty Cato when I was new to digi-scrapping and still trying to figure out how to move layers around and resize my elements without distorting the image (FYI, in Photoshop, just hold down the SHIFT key while you are moving the bounding box – it keeps your proportions)

If you have a photo you love, but is just a little too dark for you, this tip might work.

  • Open your photo in a new document
  • Duplicate your photo layer
  • Change the blending mode of your duplicate photo layer to “SCREEN” (be sure you have your LAYERS window open. The default is set at NORMAL). Your image will probably look too light now;
  • Simply adjust the OPACITY slider down (to the left) until you like what you see
  • If you image still appears dark after setting the duplicate photo layer to SCREEN, duplicate the layer again and adjust the opacity as needed

At most, I will duplicate my photo layer twice, set to screen.
If this doesn't work for you, just play around with the other blending modes

One thing to note, when your image or element is too dark for your needs, you can also go to
IMAGE > ADJUST > HUE SATURATION (you will see Hue, Saturation, and Lightness)
If you adjust the lightness this way, you will tend to lose image quality and everything will look washed out, like a favorite t-shirt laundered hundreds of times.

I love this photo, but there are lots of shadows and their faces seem too dark. The image below is how the image looks, utilizing the quick and easy trick of using SCREEN to lighten the photo.


One of my favorite photo adjustment techniques is to apply a soft brown tint
I use this on at least half of my photos when scrapping.

  • Open your photo in a new document
  • Duplicate your photo layer
  • Set your foreground color to a medium brown color (I always use the eyedropper tool and click on my daughter's hair to get the brown I like)
  • Make sure your duplicate photo layer is active /the layer you are working on
  • Go to IMAGE > ADJUSTMENTS > HUE / SATURATION, (In addition to the three sliders: Hue, Saturation, and Lightness you will see in the bottom Right Hand Corner a box that says “Colorize”
  • Click the “Colorize” box (this will change your duplicate photo layer to a brown image)

Here is my colorized photo

Now, here is where the real fun starts

Your colorized photo layer will be on top of your original photo layer
Change the blending mode to “Soft Light”

The key is to have fun: play around with the blending modes, the opacity levels
Don't be afraid to try things out (remember you can always undo)
You might be surprised and have a happy accident that you love and will want to repeat again and again
(I actually stumbled on this technique when I was trying to get a sepia effect. I had too much brown, and was trying to tone it down. What I found was a great, easy way to bring out some awesome highlights in my photo without having to do too much).


Sometimes you have a great photo, but maybe it is not quite as sharp as you would like, or maybe there is a little bit of jitter – this happens to me a lot! I can't always tell that I am not in focus, until I look at my photos on my computer screen. Using blending modes and some of your digi-papers can give you some great results!

Here are some fun things you can try out.

Example One

Original photo
photo layered above Butterfly Heaven paper
photo layer changed to multiply
Texturized photo
Example Two

background paper layered above photo layer
background changed to color burn
you get a different feel, depending on the background paper you chose
paper from Butterfly Heaven
paper from Comfort and Joy
Example Three
background paper layered above photo layer
background layer changed to soft light
paper from Dance in the Rain
Example Four
background paper layered above photo layer
background paper changed to overlay
paper from Face the Sun

These are just a few ideas of ways to add some texture to your photos
You can get different effects by layering the photo above the paper, or having it below the paper
You can adjust the opacity levels or even combine several different adjustment layers
The possibilities are endless
Why not give it a try

Thanks Liz, for the AWESOME Tips & Tricks! Can't wait until next time!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wahooo! Newsflash....

Hello everyone!

Hope today is finding you well!

I'm looking for some Creative Genius! If that's you, please apply to the
Dancing Princess Designs Creative Team!

This month, all of my page kits are on sale 35% off at GoDigitalScrapbooking! AND if you make a purchase of $10 or more, you'll receive this fabulous GDS Designer Collab kit
My Whimsical World for free!!!

It looked so cute, I had to jump in and play with it! A total departure from my usual style, this doodly kit was SO MUCH FUN to play with!

So head on over and check it out! AND keep your eyes peeled for the
Mid Month can pick and chose your pieces from all contributing designers to customize your own Mega Kit!

I also have some great news...if you're a digiscrapper, well if you're ANY KIND of scrapper, you'll want to check out Scrap N' Win. You enter your layouts and at the end of the month, judges award a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize in Traditional, Digital, and Card Making Categories. This month, Dancing Princess Designs is the sponsor of the Digital Category! The 1st place winner will receive a $20 Gift Certificate to the DPD store, 2nd place $10, and 3rd place $5.

The August Principles + Elements of Design Challenge has been posted at GDS! This month is all about Texture! Participants get all kinds of goodies! This layout was posted by RN_Meow aka Cat of the DPD Creative Team....isn't it FABULOUS!

Check it out HERE, as well as other challenges posted at GDS this month! There are some GREAT ones....I've had to join in myself!

Other News? If you haven't already, sign up for Yahoo Group updates at GDS....You'll receive this cute little mini that One Memory At A Time, and Dancing Princess Designs collaborated on....for FREE, just for signing up! You can find the Yahoo button near the top of any GDS page!

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